Made to order humidors can be crafted as pictured on the product pages or with one or several of these bespoke options:


We offer various high quality veneers to choose from. We can use only woods that are not CITES restricted for import/export from the USA where the humidors are built. Some exotic veneers add to the base price. Below are some veneer examples:


We can ask our marquetry artist to create your picture as a marquetry on the lid.
Please note that smallest details can’t be captured in a marquetry. To see the marquetry making process, visit our humidor features page.
Most pictures can be made without additional cost to the base price.


Custom hand engraving on the key hole can be made free of charge, for example an engraving of the customer’s monogram. Engraving on a brass plate on the underside of the lid can be requested. For example a gift inscription or logo. This is an added cost to the base price of the humidor.


Our humidors feature the USA made heartfelt bead humidifiers which regulate the humidity to 65% or 70% depending on your preference, although for those who prefer electronic humidifiers or live in a very dry environment, we can offer German made cigarspa or hydrocase humidifiers. More info can be found in the humidor features page. The cigarspa features a digital hygrometer so with this humidification system there is no separate hygrometer in the humidor. This feature can be chosen without additional cost to the base price.


Spanish cedar(Cedrela Odorata) has been used successfully for building humidors for over two centuries because of these characteristics: it can absorb and release humidity, it’s resistant to mold, it’s aroma repels tobacco beetles and enhances the taste of cigars, it’s also stable and lightweight. Some Cuban cigar brands even offer cigars wrapped in spanish cedar veneer. Our humidors feature spanish cedar lining and trays.
The only weakness of this wood is that there is a risk of small amounts of sap coming out of the wood over the years, although it’s easy to wipe it off with alcohol soaked cloth. We exclusively use aged kiln dried spanish cedar, which is not supposed to have a risk of sapping, but due to the nature of the wood, to guarantee there won’t be any sapping over the decades of cigar storing is impossible. Therefore for the customers who want to eliminate the risk of sapping completely, we can offer other lining woods.
We build our humidors with mahogany walls, lid and bottom, but spanish cedar can be used instead if requested by the customer.

Bespoke humidors are crafted within 4-6 months.