Our cigar cutters are the result of over a year of daily work with the goal of creating the finest cutters ever made. From design to the sharpening of the blade, each step required unique innovations and solutions to the unexpected amount of problems encountered along the way.
The determination, patience and ideas all originated from the passion for cigars and the desire to offer the perfect cut for fellow cigar aficionados around the world. It takes a whole team of craftsmen, numerous shipments and a lot of work to craft one cutter, and this is reflected in the quality.


The blades are made of Swedish stainless damascus steel from the Damasteel company. Damascus steel features distinct patterns in the steel and Damasteel offers various patterns to choose from. We occasionally change the pattern we offer and the current pattern(s) in stock will be presented on instagram. Damasteel is mostly used in high-end kitchen and hunting knives and is one of the most technologically advanced steels available.

Click here to see the various patterns offered by Damasteel

The blade and body surfaces are polished by hand and carefully dimensionally matched for perfect cutting action.
The blades go through a heat treatment process in various stages to harden the steel with temperatures from 230 to 1060 celsius degrees. After heat treatment and etching the blades with muriatic acid the blades are sharpened with our unique sharpening method by hand which is a time consuming and laborious process due to the hardness of the steel after the heat treatment.


All cutters feature a 22mm cigar hole which equals to 55 ring gauge cigar(55/64 inches). This ring gauge feels like the best standard due to it’s versatility without being too large.


We have innovated a unique and completely frictionless locking system for our cutters that ensures the blades stay in the closed position when the cutter is not in use. The closing mechanism does not include any small parts that could wear out or come apart with time and this ensures the system doesn’t cause any issues.


All parts are CNC machined and hand polished afterwards to remove the machining marks. A rather expensive and time consuming process, yet by CNC machining the parts, we achieve the highest precision and are able to use durable stainless steel parts in the cutters.


Our cutters are completely maintenance-free and the blades don’t require sharpening at any point. The cutters are designed with longevity in mind.


The blades feature a hand engraved logo reflecting the uniqueness of our cutters.


Custom inlay materials and damasteel patterns can be requested

Custom Cigar Cutter