We have only three unique humidors for sale and more won’t be made.


Our humidors are built in the USA by a master cabinetmaker who has over 30 years of experience in humidor building.


Marquetry is a picture that is made of inlaid pieces of veneer. The marquetry making process can be seen in the pictures below.
Our marquetry artist has over 35 years of experience in the art and this is reflected in the quality of his works. Info about custom marquetry pictures can be found on bespoke humidors page.


For the lid, we use large USA made high precision brass hinges and large lid supports that ensure there’s minimal stress on the wood when opening and closing the lid.
The escutcheons for the sturdy german made locks are CNC machined from stainless steel, then polished and gold plated. We use reliable analog hygrometers that have good legibility and are easy to calibrate. If desired, a smaller diameter hygrometer from the same manufacturer can be used.


All humidors feature solid mahogany walls, lid and bottom(these can also be made of spanish cedar if requested by the customer). The lining and trays are made of solid spanish cedar.
The veneer and binding woods are all premium quality and none are in the CITES restricted import/export list.
More info can be found in the bespoke humidors page.


For humidification, we prefer the USA made humidifiers by Heartfelt company. The beads inside the cases absorb humidity when it’s too humid and release humidity when it’s too dry. The two humidification units ensure minimal water refills are required and that the humidity stays even inside the humidor. You can choose humidity beads that create 70% or 65% humidity. For those who live in a very dry environment, we offer German made cigarspa or hydrocase humidification units, these work better in very dry environment. The humidification beads also work in a very dry environment but need more frequent refills. In humid environment the beads can last as long as 24 months without the need for refilling with distilled water.